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Update: Bout of Books is officially over! I’m ready for the next round in August, but for now I thought I’d do a little recap of my goals.

1. Read at least 6 books.
I finished 5 full books, but with half of Moranthology completed and a chunk of Gone with the Wind finished I’m going to pretend that I met this goal.

2. Follow 15+ new bloggers on social media.
I didn’t keep a tally of where new people came from, but I’m sure I added at least 10 new people on social media. Probably 15.

3. Comment on 15+ blogger pages.
Again, I didn’t track these things, but I likely got close to this number. I kept fairly active on other sites, so I consider it an obtained goal.

4. Participate in 3+ challenges and/or Twitter chats.
I wasn’t around for any of the Twitter chats, but I did participate in 3 of the challenges. You can find those linked below.

My unwritten goal was to read at least 1,000 pages, and I ended up with 1,020 pages. Overall, I consider this round of Bout of Books a success. I hope the rest of you enjoyed the event! See you next time.

Day 1 – Monday
Pages Read: 110
Total Pages Read: 110
Books Read: Seabiscuit (still reading)
Total Books Finished: 0
Notes/Thoughts: I’m reading Seabiscuit for book club. I knew next to nothing about horses or horse racing going into it, so I’m learning a lot and find myself enjoying the read. Also, BOUT OF BOOKS!!!
Challenge: Bookish Survey Challenge


Day 2 – Tuesday
Pages Read: 88
Total Pages Read: 198
Books Read: Seabiscuit
Total Books Finished: 1
Notes/Thoughts: Tonight was slower for reading, but I made it through the rest of Seabiscuit (4 stars) before calling it a night. I will say that it would be nice if my sister were on vacation this week. Her constant interruptions make readathon life difficult.


Day 3 – Wednesday
Pages Read: 372
Total Pages Read: 570
Books Read: Saga Volume 3, Saga Volume 4, Alone and Not Alone
Total Books Finished: 4
Notes/Thoughts: Today looks impressive, but my books consisted of two volumes of comics (both 5 stars)  and a book of poetry (4 stars), all of which were rather quick reads. All the same I’m excited about getting through four books in three days.

Rapunzel reads

Day 4 – Thursday
Pages Read: 40
Total Pages Read: 610
Books Read: Gone with the Wind
Total Books Finished: 4
Notes/Thoughts: I finally got started on Gone with the Wind for the reading event I’m participating in. I’ve put it off for several years and am excited to finally be reading it. I didn’t have a lot of time to read yesterday, hence the lack of pages, but I should be able to put more time in over the weekend.


Day 5 – Friday
Pages Read: 33
Total Pages Read: 643
Books Read: Gone with the Wind
Total Books Finished: 4
Notes/Thoughts: Yesterday was rather pitiful for reading. I made it through another couple chapters of Gone with the Wind, but that’s where it ended. I worked all day and went to Pitch Perfect 2 with a couple friends at night. I’ll have more time now that the weekend feels more officially here. So let’s just not talk about today’s sad progress and instead pretend I did very well.
Challenge: Cover Color Challenge


Day 6 – Saturday
Pages Read: 262
Total Pages Read: 905
Books Read: Gone with the Wind and Fat Girl
Total Books Finished: 5
Notes/Thoughts: Saturday was much better than the previous couple days. I spent some time at the comic book store, coffee shop, and CSA produce pickup with a friend, and I baked a loaf of delicious blueberry bread, but otherwise I was reading. Slowly making progress through Gone with the Wind, and Fat Girl (2 stars) wasn’t as good as it sounded in the description.
Challenge: Favorite Read Photo Challenge


Day 7 – Sunday
Pages Read: 115
Total Pages Read: 1,020
Books Read: Moranthology
Total Books Finished: 5
Notes/Thoughts: I didn’t get around to Gone with the Wind today, but I did start Moranthology by Caitlin Moran. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, but I was disappointed to find three glaringly obviously writing errors in the first 90 pages. I had some family plans and laundry that kept me from reading, but I intend on finishing Moranthology tonight before getting back to GWTW. I had no reaction gif for the final day, so please enjoy Caitlin Moran making a face.